Training & Development


Digital Business

We believe that the role of training and development in a service-involved organization is many times more in comparison with what it has in a manufacturing involved organization.

Breakthroughs in technology allow for a new era in training and onboarding, but just throwing technology or gamification at the problem doesn’t guarantee improved outcomes or happier employees.

Applying strategic insights with creativity and the latest technology gives our employees the proper context and motivations for learning. This allows employees to learn in the way that’s best for them, whether that’s virtual reality simulations, on-the-job assistants, or building a platform for learning that goes beyond the initial onboarding period.

CGC Support & sponsor their employees for further training & developments and upgrade them with the latest industry requirements.


Management Team

Our Group Executive Committee leads the vision and direction of the company to achieve its overall ambitions.

We continuously seek exceptional associates when recruiting new employees. We pride ourselves on having extensive experience working with clients in all major industries.
Our employees are central to CGCs exceptional client service and industry-leading growth.