Green World

Green World


CGC technologies is one of the first companies in Pakistan to take the initiative of planting trees in the country and across the globe as we really care deeply about the environment and know that a healthy planet is necessary to guarantee decent work, constructive corporations and sustainable livelihoods .

Tree plantation can play a vital role in combating climate change as they absorb and store carbon dioxide releasing oxygen back into the air. They also reduce wind speeds and cool the air as they lose moisture and reflect heat upwards from their leaves. According to the UN climate change report of 2017, the average number of trees must be above 25% of the land in a particular country. However, according to current data on trees, only 4.8% of the land of Pakistan is covered with trees, which is the lowest ratio in the world. It can not sustain the current heat waves occurring in the different parts of the country. Considering this alarming situation CGC technologies took the initiative of planting trees across the country and has currently planted over 900 trees since October 2020.


Trees are vitally important to our ecosystem. They provide oxygen, store carbon, help conserve soil and water, prevent desertification and natural disasters such as landslides. Reforestation is a vital mitigation tool in fighting climate change as it is a real threat to our future generations. According to the UN’s report the world’s forest areas declined from 4.1 billion hectares (10.1 billion acres) in 2000 to 4 billion hectares (9.8 billion acres) in 2015. The main reasons for deforestation being urbanization, farming, overgrazing, and tourism development. This has led to severe consequences such as desertification, flooding and endangering wildlife. Considering this situation it is our collective responsibility that we must be proactive and take necessary steps towards diminishing global warming and climate change by planting more & more trees and maintain a sustainable policy whilst tackling climate change.

Our Idea:

CGC technologies provides a full range of IT services and business consultation services. As the company was established in 2020 it also came forth with a goal of initially planting 2020 trees and has already started to take practical steps to make the world green as we’ve started with Pakistan and plan on spreading this world wide. You can also be a part of this initiative and play your role in helping us plant more trees by supporting our work and helping us grow.