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Frequently asked questions


A multi-national company that provides end-to-end Information Technology (IT) and business process management services locally and worldwide.
We offer enterprise-level digital solutions and help our clients develop their businesses by offering industry-leading digital solutions divided into four main categories: Digital Transformation of Businesses, Cloud Solutions, Digital Payments, and Technology Platforms. We are at the stage of developing cutting-edge technology, digital solutions, and hybrid-cloud-based services to help companies overcome their most demanding challenges.

What does CGC do?

CGC provides IT consulting, and management services for customers throughout the World. The CGC Team discusses your business needs and provides recommendations to help you meet or exceed your business goals.

Why should I use CGC for IT consulting instead of my own in-house IT staff?

CGC is there to supplement your in-house staff, not replace it. The CGC Team can help with the needs assessment, do the research on the products and services needs to meet those needs, and help with the implementation of those products and services.

If CGC can recommend many IT solutions, how do I know which is best for my organization?

At times, the CGC Team may come to you with more than one solution for your IT needs. When this is the case, we will help to educate you on the pros and cons of each solution and help you make an informed decision that will give you the best solution for your long-term needs.

How can CGC help my organization?

CGC knows and understands your organization’s technology needs. With the IT landscape rapidly and constantly changing, your organization needs to implement the best technology for your company today and the best technology for your company tomorrow. CGC researches the best technology and brings you the right IT solutions, at the right time, and at the right value.

Does CGC provide support after our project is completed?

Yes. CGC is a full-service IT company and therefore provides not only project work, but follow-up maintenance, and on-going support.

How much do your managed IT services cost?

It all depends on the number of users, computers, and servers you have in your workplace. After speaking with you about your requirements, CGC will put together a custom proposal that covers all of your equipment and provides the services needed to keep your business running smoothly on a daily basis.

What benefits can you guarantee?

All projects we take up carry the following guarantees:

  • Confidentiality guarantee: All client details will be kept confidential.
  • Price guarantee: Minimum 50% cost-saving over on-site development.
  • Results guarantee: Progress-linked payments weighted toward the end.
Do you offer any discount?

Our pricing is based on a long-term relationship aimed at giving maximum benefits to our customers.

What is expected from us during the course of the development?

It depends on the situation. We will ask you to provide some information if necessary.

Can I define and enforce our coding standards on your developers?

Yes. Our developers can follow your coding standards in your favor.

Is testing incorporated as a component within your pricing structure?

Of course, testing is in our pricing structure and we have testing engineers focused on it.

I’m just a small start-up. Will it be beneficial for me to take help from CGC?

Yes off Course. CGC assists lots of start-ups with selecting the right services for your business needs. Our clients range in size from start-ups to Well established companies. In fact, it might help you increase your business productivity and efficiency.

Can you provide references for your clients?

Yes, we can provide you with our client references. We have built solid relationships with our clients by helping them meet their business objectives and providing services and support whenever required.

How do I get started working with CGC management consultancy?

As a prospective client, you are encouraged to come in for a complementary exploratory consultation. We discuss your needs & requirements as well as our firm’s ability to help you.

What should I look for in an IT Consultant?

You should look for individuals working at a well-known company with a reputation for being knowledgeable, responsive and professional. Consultants should have IT certifications, experience and be able to talk to your business in a way in which you can understand. At CGC, our consultants do their best to explain IT matters in terms in which you can understand. CGC employs highly certified individuals who have multiple years of experience and are extremely talented at providing IT support to businesses.

How much does monthly accounting cost? What factor goes into the pricing?

Pricing for our monthly accounting services varies by your company’s needs. Our pricing is not based on the size of your company, rather our pricing model is based on your company’s accounting activity and the complexity of your financial statements. We will work with you to arrive at an affordable, fixed monthly fee. Our fixed-monthly fees are all-inclusive; services provided include profit and loss statements, balance sheets, bank reconciliation, business tax work, sales tax filings, audit representation, and unlimited consultations.

What can CGC really do for our company in Business Management?

As we begin to understand our client’s goals, & started management consultancy which provides all-purpose services to help you grow and deal wisely with financial affairs. We will monitor your progress and make sure you are on a steady course to your own financial freedom and independence.

Is this like Tax avoidance? Isn’t that illegal?

Yes, Tax Avoidance is illegal. But tax Planning in your business to avoid any legal consequences and to run your business in such a way that you not only save your money but also comply with the laws of taxation is legal.

How can I book an appointment with your company?

You can Call Our Office or email us.

What type of Business registration is suitable for my business?

It’s a very famous question! There are three types of business registrations, Sole Proprietor, Partnership Business Firm, and Private / Public limited companies. The first decision depends on the partners, the financial position of businesses, and last but not least industry requirements.

What question should I ask when choosing the right accountant for my business?

Working with a professional accounting service offers you security and peace of mind. It’s a smart business choice for your company, but you need to decide which accountant or accounting firm is right for you.

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